My Talking Tom 2 Review

My Talking Tom is a popular virtual pet app by Outfit7. It has a wide range of mini-games that players can play to earn rewards.

Talking Tom and his friends prepare for Lunar New Year. Angela tries to lose weight but ends up gaining more, and she yells at Tom for playing a game.

Can I play Talking Tom 2 online?

Talking Tom 2 is a virtual pet game that lets players take care of an anthropomorphic cat. The app lets players feed, clothe, bathe, and play with Tom. It also lets players play minigames to earn rewards and decorate Tom’s home. Although the game is safe for kids, it’s a bit repetitive and has many in-app ads.

The Talking Tom franchise (originally titled Talking Friends until 2014 and now called Talking Tom & Friends) consists of various apps by Outfit7 that feature anthropomorphic animals repeating what the user says. The franchise has received over 18 billion downloads and has an extensive online presence on YouTube.

The characters are presented without dialogue and use slapstick comedy to get their points across. In addition to the main Talking Tom app, the franchise includes Talking Angela, Talking Ben, and Talking Ginger. These characters appear in the apps as well as in animated shorts on YouTube and Boomerang. These shorts are based on the antics of the main characters and are often used to promote Outfit7’s new apps.

Can I download Talking Tom 2?

Talking Tom 2 is a popular virtual pet game in which players can interact with a cat who repeats what they say. The game has been downloaded over a billion times and has received positive reviews from users.

In addition to playing with Tom, players can also customize his home and play mini-games. They can also unlock new clothes, fur colors, and accessories like glasses and hats for Tom. They can even use their coins to purchase furniture, wallpaper, and carpets for Tom’s apartment.

In addition to the main Talking Tom app, Outfit7 has created a number of different games featuring other characters from the franchise. These include Talking Angela, Tom Gold Run, and Talking Ginger. The company has also created an animated series called Talking Tom & Friends, which premiered in 2014. The show features a variety of characters from the Talking Tom apps, including Tom, Angela, and Ginger. It uses slapstick comedy to entertain viewers and is available on YouTube.

How do I play Talking Tom 2?

The world’s favorite virtual pet is back with tons of new activities and games. Players can talk to Tom, poke him and even fling him up into the air with their finger thanks to great game physics. He can also repeat what they say in a funny voice and react when they touch him.

The game also introduces pets that can keep Tom company while he sleeps. The player can groom and feed them and play with them too. The game also includes new minigames that earn rewards and coins for the player to use in the market.

The game has a number of fun minigames to choose from, including Happy Connect where the player has to match matching tiles. There is also Jump Up where the player has to help Tom get to the top of a series of platforms. These games and others consume Tom’s energy, but he can be energized by buying an Energy Potion or watching an advertisement.

What are the features of Talking Tom 2?

Talking Tom 2 offers the same basic gameplay as the rest of the franchise, namely that players can play with a virtual cat to care for him, feed him, clean him and take him to the bathroom when needed. In addition, players can decorate Tom’s home with a variety of wallpapers, furniture and decorations.

The game also comes with a new main gameplay feature called Squeak, an orange blob thing that can be dragged across the screen or squashed by players’ fingertip, making for a fun way to distract young kids. There’s also a new game that challenges players to connect matching tiles to clear the board, while Jump Up tests player’s reflexes by asking them to help Tom jump up a series of platforms.

Other than that, players can enjoy playing a wide range of games like Cupid Tom, Space Trails, Pet Connect, Easy Squeezy and more. Some of these are pre-installed while others need installation from the app’s store.

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