Supercell’s Hay Day

Create and grow a thriving farm in Hay Day, where crops never die and animals are always happy to greet you. Harvest products to sell and fill delivery truck orders to earn money.

This free-to-play game offers in-app purchases for players who want to speed up their progress. Parents should monitor their children’s playing time to ensure that they do not spend too much on virtual goods.


In Hay Day players grow a variety of crops and raise animals on their farm. The game has many unique features that set it apart from other mobile farming games. One of these is the fact that players can make more valuable products by selling their goods and combining them. This makes it a great way to earn more coins and experience.

The gameplay is very addictive, and a large part of the game’s success can be attributed to its attention to detail. The graphics are also very well done, and the game is easy to navigate. The game is free to download, but some in-game items can be purchased for real money.

The game’s main monetization strategy is to sell diamonds, which are used for a number of different things in the game. These include skipping wait times, buying decorations, and other things. However, these offers are never blatant or pushy, and they rarely interfere with the overall enjoyment of the game.


Hay Day is an enchanting virtual farming simulation game that fosters a sense of community and engagement. Its immersive gameplay and visually appealing graphics captivate gamers of all ages and experience levels.

Players earn a variety of rewards and experiences as they expand their farms, including new crops, animals, buildings, and products. This constant growth and advancement keeps players invested in the game for hours at a time.

Unlike some mobile games, Hay Day has realistic graphics that give the player a sense of immersion. Everything from the crops to the animals is rendered with impressive fidelity, creating an engaging and visually stunning world for players to explore.

This top-performing Facebook ad for Hay Day features an animated introduction with the Supercell logo. This is a smart move because it ensures that the viewer recognizes the game’s brand. However, it’s important to avoid using fully-animated ads that do not feature actual gameplay footage, as this can lead to player dissatisfaction.

Social features

Unlike other similar games, Hay Day has a strong social element that keeps the player engaged even after they have finished the main storyline. Players can trade crops, goods and pets with non-player characters or other players. Various activities like planting, harvesting and product manufacturing also earns the player experience points and ingredients. These products can be sold for coins.

The game encourages players to get social, as they have one default friend by default and can visit other player’s farms and villages. There are also a variety of smaller and bigger achievements that can be completed to make the player more engaged with the game.

In-app purchases have been the main monetization model for a long time, and Hay Day has this too. But they have a smart approach to it, by saving rewarded video ads for high-level players only. This helps them avoid annoying players who would be tempted to buy something to speed up their progress.


Unlike other Supercell games, which focus on competitive gameplay (Brawl Stars is a battle royale, Clash of Clans requires combat strategy, and Boom Beach involves armies), Hay Day is a social simulation game that fosters a sense of community. Players can connect with friends and fellow farmers, interact with each other in real time, and trade goods. These features help to keep the game interesting and engaging.

Hay Day is a free-to-play game, but some players may be tempted to spend money on in-game items and resources. These purchases can speed up the player’s progress and unlock exclusive content. Parents should be aware of this potential danger and monitor their child’s screen time.

Thankfully, there are a few safe and reliable ways to get more coins and diamonds in Hay Day. One such option is to use a generator online that provides a secure, user-friendly platform for generating Hay Day resources. This tool eliminates the need to download any sketchy software or risk your account security.

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