Homescapes Game Review

Homescapes is a match-3 game with a unique twist. It features fun minigames that help players progress through the story and decorate Austin’s parents’ house.

These minigames are a great way to keep gameplay fresh and engaging for long-time players. They also help players unlock new levels and power-ups that can make the game more challenging.

Can you ever beat Homescapes?

Launched in 2024, Homescapes is a free-to-play mobile game that was developed by Playrix. It is a sequel to the popular Gardenscapes and features Austin, a butler who returns to his childhood home to restore it. Players can help him with the renovation by completing various tasks and earning stars. Each level has a set objective that must be met within a limited number of moves. The game has more than 14000 levels and new ones are released weekly.

Each level has a different layout and offers different challenges, but the basic rules remain the same. Matching at least three identical tiles horizontally or vertically on the puzzle board eliminates them. There are also power-ups available in the game that can help you eliminate more tiles in a single turn.

The game’s graphics are cartoonish and feature lots of detail. The soundtrack is also catchy and helps players relax while playing. Players can even chat with other players to discuss their progress and share tips.

How to beat Homescapes?

Homescapes is one of the most popular match-3 puzzle games in the world. It offers simple gameplay with an entertaining story and house-customizing elements. It has earned over $2.5 billion in revenue so far.

To beat Homescapes, you need to prioritize your goals and maximize the impact of your power-ups. For example, combining Rockets with Bombs can clear larger areas or target specific objects. Also, using a Paper Plane on a Fluid Obstacle can be a game-changer.

You should also login to Homescapes on a daily basis to earn rewards such as Boosters and infinite retries. You can do this by logging in with your Facebook account. You can also use this account to send and receive retries from friends.

These strategies can help you beat Homescapes in no time. Just remember to stay patient and prioritize your objectives. With a little practice, you will be able to clear levels more efficiently and achieve high scores.

Can you beat Homescapes without cheats?

Homescapes is the latest match-three story game from the makers of Gardenscapes. It follows the story of Austin the Butler and his attempt to keep his employer’s mansion in pristine condition by renovating it. However, some levels in this game can be tricky to pass and sometimes require the use of cheats like extra lives or boosters to get through them.

Homescapes is a casual free-to-play game that features puzzles and renovation mini-games. Its primary motivational drivers for players are escapism, expression, and mastery.

The game’s in-game currency is coins which can be used to purchase additional lives or power-ups. Some levels also have special objectives such as collecting a certain number of tiles or laying carpet across the board. To complete these levels, players must strategically use the different types of power-ups in combos. For example, a Rocket can destroy all tiles that it hits on the screen while a Paper Plane can remove random obstacles from the board.

Can you beat Homescapes without boosters?

Homescapes is the latest match-three story game from the makers of Gardenscapes. It follows the butler Austin as he renovates his family’s old mansion. The game has colorful match-3 levels and a fun interior design twist. It’s also a good choice for people who love to solve puzzles. Some of the levels can be difficult, so players might want to use a cheat or hack to pass them.

The ad shows a renovation that fails, which is intended to resonate with the audience. The storyline also highlights the emotional involvement of the mother and her daughter. This ad is meant to target people who are into decorating and home & decor games.

As a casual free-to-play match-3 game, Homescapes is targeted at primarily casual gamers. These gamers play to have fun and spend a short time playing each day. They also like to have a variety of different game mechanics and enjoy a light narrative and customization.

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