My Talking Angela 2 Review

My Talking Angela 2 is a virtual pet game that allows players to interact with a cute white cat named Angela. The app features a variety of fun mini-games, including dancing, fashion, and baking.

The game also includes a text-chat feature that encourages players to nod, shake their heads, smile, yawn, or stick out their tongue in order to trigger different animated responses from Angela. The app’s developer, Outfit7, has been criticised for normalising this sort of conversational behaviour.

How old is Angela?

Angela is a city kitty who is all about fashion and glamour. She’s a big-time singer in the making and works hard to make her dreams a reality. She’s confident and sassy, but is a good friend who always aims to please.

She is also the girl you’d want to be stranded with on a deserted island. She’s smart, stylish and simply amazing.

In Season 4, she started wearing a pink off-shoulder short-sleeve shirt with dark pink hearts, blue jean-shorts and pink ballet flats. She also wears a pink bracelet on her right hand.

In My Talking Angela 2, she still has the same outfit as in Season 4. She can be short or tall depending on her height in the episodes, but she’s definitely the tallest member of the gang. She cares about the other gang and worries for them, but she also gets a little hot-headed at times. She’s interested in Tom and even showed some signs of jealousy in the episode “Parallel Universe”, when he hangs out with an alternate version of herself.

What are the main features of My Talking Angela 2?

There are a number of different mini-games that allow players to interact with Angela in various ways. For example, players can make her laugh by shaking their head or yawning, and they can play simple puzzle games that test their reflexes. They can also give Angela a makeover in her glam room or prepare food in her kitchen.

Moreover, they can play a variety of musical and dance routines with her in the Dance Studio or Baking Studio. They can even learn about her friends in the city and go on adventures with her.

Players can earn multiple types of in-game currency by completing activities and tapping icons. For example, if they watch a video ad, they can earn “activity tokens” that allow them to unlock new activities. They can also earn Diamonds, a premium currency that allows them to redecorate Angela’s house with new wallpapers and rugs. In addition, they can earn flight tokens that let them send Angela to cities like Paris or New York to pick up new clothing items.

Is My Talking Angela 2 safe for children to use?

My Talking Angela 2 is a safe virtual pet app for kids to use, provided that they are monitored by a parent and educated about online safety. The game allows children to interact with a cute virtual cat, and can be used as a fun way to learn about the world around them.

The main concern is that the Talking Angela app – part of a wider series of apps called Talking Tom and Friends which have been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times by adults and children – prompts users to provide personal information about themselves. This includes asking them to look into the device’s camera and make specific gestures such as nodding, shaking their head, smiling or sticking out their tongue so that Angela can copy them.

The problem is that the app’s developer, Outfit7, hasn’t put in any meaningful measures to prevent kids from simply toggling child mode off. This is a major concern, and one that should be addressed by Outfit7 if they want to keep their app as safe as possible for children.

Is My Talking Angela 2 free to download?

Taking care of Angela in My Talking Angela 2 includes feeding her snacks, brushing her fur and teeth, and making sure she goes to the bathroom. Players can also dress her up in a variety of clothing and accessories, including wigs, and do her makeup.

In addition to basic care tasks, the game has a number of mini games that can be played to earn rewards that can be used to unlock new items, including food, clothes, and plane tickets. These games range from simple, arcade-style mini games like Brick Breaker and Suitcase Tower to more complex puzzles and activities that develop skills and reflexes, such as baking cakes and designing jewelry.

As with other Talking Tom and Friends apps, My Talking Angela 2 allows players to access the microphone on their device and make the cat squeak by repeating whatever they say in a high-pitched, cute-cat voice. This feature is turned off by default, but can be enabled manually by selecting an option in the Settings menu.

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