Robbery Bob Game Review

Robbery Bob is a fun and exciting app that has a cute theme. The game has a variety of locations and although it has advertisements, they are not too obtrusive.

Sneak through houses and stores without getting detected in over 100 levels. Play as Bob, a hapless burglar who is trying to change his ways.

What is the robbery Bob game about?

Robbery Bob Free is a mobile game in overhead perspective where you play as hapless burglar Bob. He’s trying to get out of the criminal lifestyle but seedy citizens keep forcing him to pull off a few more jobs before he can retire.

The gameplay is fairly simple: at the top left of the screen is a virtual joystick to move Bob around and specific buttons to run or hide. The controls are responsive and work well on touch screens.

As a stealth game, the key is to stay silent and avoid raising suspicion. Running will attract attention, as will leaving doors open. You can also use the map to find your way around, although it’s hard to tell where you are at all times. The levels are a nice mix of variety, including local neighborhoods, downtown locations, and a few secret labs. You’ll have to sneak past security guards and residents, as well as evade traps, to collect all the loot in each level.

Bob’s story

Bob spent most of his adolescence running away from his family. He escaped his restraining parents by working summers on a Vermont farm and serving as a bellhop in an Adirondack hotel. He then went on to spend four years at Dartmouth, where he developed a rebellious streak and drank for the sheer enjoyment of it.

One day he was walking down the street whistling musically when a police officer spotted him. The cop frightened him, and he ran into the back of a wedding cake, causing everyone to gasp.

Bob subsequently found work with local crime lord Biff who hires him to steal various items for him. After sneaking into his flat, he steals a number of valuable items and a lot of cash. During this time, a friendly brown dog takes a liking to him and follows him into the sewers. This is where Nickie Heisst comes in and helps him with his investigations.

Level design

The game offers a variety of levels that encourage players to explore. It also features a system whereby players can upgrade Bob’s reach and stealth speed with coins earned in-game or bought via microtransactions.

Bob can collect different loot items throughout each level which award the player with coins and fill up a progress bar at the bottom of the screen. These range from dirty clothes and crumpled paper to cash, jewels and laboratory equipment. Certain levels have special “Target” loot items that need to be collected for the level to end. These differ from normal loot in that they have a gold sparkle particle effect and are shown highlighted on the screen.

Robbery Bob is a fun and enjoyable stealth game with good level designs and easy to master controls. Its difficulty ramps up at a steady pace so that it never feels too hard or impossible to beat. The game has enough interesting mechanics to make it worth checking out for fans of the genre.


The gameplay is simple in its overhead perspective; Bob moves around the map using a virtual joystick and steals items with a button. Levels are a mix of local neighborhoods, downtown areas and even high security laboratories.

Guards, cameras and even old ladies can threaten the missions so it’s important to avoid detection. The game has a range of tricks for doing so including kicking out a camera and leaving doors open to pull patrolling guards away from the house.

Robbery Bob is a fun and humour packed stealth action adventure with hilarious animations, a great script and genuinely twisting narrative. It offers a lot of variety and replay value as players try to perfect each set of levels. The game is free to play but does contain in-app purchases. You can restrict in-app purchasing using your device settings.

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