Second Kick Game Review – Kick the Buddy

Shoot, explode and destroy Buddy in this addictive Friv game that helps you forget about stress and blow off steam. Use cool weapons like rifles, grenades and even a nuclear bomb to beat this rag doll.

Make sure to log in daily to get free in-game currency Bucks and Gold, and unlock new weapons like the Torch and the X-ray. The more you hit and hurt Buddy, the more money you will earn.

What is the point of Kick the Buddy?

Kick the Buddy is a Friv game that lets you hit, shoot, freeze and even send the power of God at a little ragdoll doll. It’s a fun and easy-to-play stress reliever with varying weapons that make hitting Buddy a great way to vent anger.

The more you beat Buddy, the more money you earn in the game. Then you can use the bucks to buy new weapons that will hurt him even more.

However, the app’s violent nature and ads may not be appropriate for kids. It also collects personal information from the device, which could raise privacy concerns for parents. So, it’s a good idea to talk to your children about the game before they play it. Also, keep in mind that Buddy is a robot that’s programmed to react to all kinds of torture and violence, so there might be some gruesome scenes. Moreover, the character’s reaction changes depending on the weapon used to attack it.

How to play the game?

The number one way to earn a lot of bucks is by constantly hitting Buddy with various weapons. Unleash a barrage of bullets on him with an assault rifle, crush him in a vice, throw grenades at him, unleash bees or a flamethrower—there are plenty of tools you can use to hurt Buddy until he’s knocked out.

The game also rewards you for logging in on a daily basis, and you can unlock new weapons by doing so. To keep earning bucks efficiently, you should switch between different weapons often.

Kick the Buddy is a surprisingly entertaining anti-stress game. Even though it’s a bit silly to take out all your stress on a small ragdoll, it’s still fun to see all the ways you can torture this helpless little guy. It also helps to have a cool collection of weapons to use, as well as a cool set of achievements. The only drawback is that it’s a typical free-to-play mobile title, so there are tons of ads.


Kick Buddy is full of weapons that players can use to wreak havoc on their helpless rag doll. Each one is a little different, with some having unique properties that make them more fun to use.

Some have scopes, others are more powerful, and some even have a recharge time or reloading animation. For instance, a machine gun can kill Buddy fairly quickly, while a pistol does it more slowly and requires more precision.

The game also includes a range of accessories that players can use to dress Buddy up. This adds a whole new level of fun to the gameplay, as well as giving the game a bit of visual flair.

The game’s interactive environment allows players to attack Buddy in a wide variety of settings, including the laboratory, garden, and beach. This provides more opportunities for interactions and destruction, ensuring that players will always have something new to experience in the game.


Although not as useful as Stats Allocation or Weapon Upgrades, accessories are one of four ways players can increase their damage and overall stats. Currently, there are 47 accessories available in-game, most of which provide buffs. They can be obtained by talking to the Nerd in The Cafe, or completing a quest at the Mansion. Unlike weapons, accessories do not apply debuffs to the player, but only one can be worn at a time.

Whether you’re a stressed out office worker or just need to blow off some steam, Kick the Buddy is the perfect way to do it!

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