Kick the Buddy

Kick the Buddy is an action game that features ragdoll physics. Players can punch or use different weapons to beat Buddy until he is knocked out.

Bucks are earned for beating Buddy, and can be used to buy new weapons or accessories. Players can also earn Gold, which is necessary to unlock some weapons.

What is the point of Kick the Buddy?

Kick the Buddy is a fun and simple game that helps players relieve stress by beating up a doll. The game is available on mobile devices and features a variety of different weapons that players can use to destroy Buddy. The game was created by Playgendary and is the latest installment in their popular series of doll-beating games. The game features upgraded graphics, new interactions with Buddy, and additional wacky weapons.

The game is free to play, but players can also purchase in-game currency using real money. The game also contains advertisements, which can be annoying for some players. In addition, the game can also collect personal information from users and share it with third parties. This may raise privacy concerns for some parents. However, for those who can deal with the ads and are looking for a fun way to relieve stress, Kick the Buddy is a great choice.

How to play Kick the Buddy?

Kick the Buddy is a stress-relieving game in which players punch, shoot and crush a rag doll named Buddy. As players stab, blow up and destroy Buddy with different weapons, they will earn money in the form of coins. This in-game currency can then be spent to unlock new weapons including a flamethrower, rifle and even a tank.

At the beginning of the game, players will have a knife in their arsenal. Throwing this weapon at Buddy will earn them money for every hit. However, if the player wants to earn more money quickly they should switch to throwing F1 Grenades. These will earn them four bucks at a time for hitting Buddy with them.

Moreover, the more Buddy is injured the more the player will earn money as a result. Additionally, logging in to the game daily will reward players with free in-game currency, including Bucks and Gold. The player can also use this Gold to buy weapons, including the X-ray and Torch.

How to get free in-game currency in Kick the Buddy?

There are a few ways to get free in-game currency in Kick the Buddy. The first way is to tap on Buddy until it gets KO’d, which will earn you a lot of bucks. The second way is to use weapons that can earn you more bucks, such as the F1 Grenades.

In addition to these two ways, you can also earn in-game currency by completing daily challenges. These daily challenges often require players to destroy objects or items around the game world, which can earn them a good amount of in-game currency. Finally, you can also earn in-game currency from completing achievements in the game. However, it is important to note that spending real money on in-game currencies is not recommended as this can lead to addiction and other issues.

How to release stress in Kick the Buddy?

Kick the Buddy is an addictive mobile game that provides a unique and satisfying stress relief experience. Players can unleash an arsenal of weapons and tools on a helpless virtual Buddy, punching, shooting, and even exploding him.

Each time you hit Buddy, you will earn money that you can use to unlock new weapons. However, it is important to note that he can only be killed so many times before he gets knocked out and has to respawn.

In order to avoid this, you should make it a point to log in to the game every day. By logging in daily, you can earn free in-game currency in the form of bucks, as well as Gold and other cool weapons. If you can manage to log in for 15 days straight, you will receive a significant amount of money. You can then use it to open more weapons and hurt Buddy even more. You can also play other games in the app to relieve stress.

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