Temple Run 2 Review

Temple Run 2 offers up a new take on the endless running game genre. Developer Imangi Studios doesn’t stray too far from the original formula, but they do add a few new twists that make the game even more engaging.

There are now four playable characters (Scarlett, Barry, Karma and a new one called Delvarr) along with power-ups like Head Start and a coin value boost that carry over regardless of which character you choose to use. There are also green gems that allow you to restart the game from the point of your last death instead of starting at the beginning.

Character Unlock

Temple Run 2 features the same exhilarating running, jumping, turning and sliding that made its predecessor a huge hit. But it also offers new environments, like zip lines and mines, to add a little variety to your journey. Additionally, support items appear periodically to make the adventure even more challenging and fun.

You can unlock different characters in the game by obtaining enough coins. These characters don’t affect your progress, but they do offer some benefits like a head start and a coin magnet that automatically collects every gold block on the way.

You can also get free in-game coins by interacting with the game on social media. For example, you can “like” the game on Facebook or follow it on Twitter to earn 250 free coins and a gem respectively. These two currencies can then be used to upgrade your permanent abilities and unlock maps. These upgrades can improve the duration and effectiveness of power-ups or even save your character from dying.

Daily Challenges

Unlike the original Temple Run, the sequel’s mechanics are mostly automatic; your character runs automatically on an infinite path as you dodge obstacles and traps. You can move left or right by swiping the screen, switch directions by tilting your device, and collect power-ups to increase your score.

As you complete challenges, your streak grows and you earn rewards. This is one of the ways the game motivates players to play more and keep improving their skills. The game also features upgradeable abilities that have permanent effects, such as coin magnet or boost distance.

The game’s progression systems are simple and effective. It’s a great mobile game to pass the time and compete with other players. Moreover, the game’s developers constantly update it, addressing issues and adding new features to ensure that the game stays fresh. Some of the latest additions include a new map and the ability to equip pets on characters. In addition, the developer recently published a patch that fixed bugs in the gameplay and improved overall performance.

Daily Quest

Temple Run 2 is a sequel to the hit endless running game that redefined mobile gaming. It features the same exhilarating gameplay, but with new maps and characters to unlock.

The controls in Temple Run 2 are simple and intuitive: players can jump, slide and tilt their device to navigate the obstacle-laden path. In addition to avoiding obstacles, the player collects coins and power-ups that allow them to improve their performance.

The game is free to play, but offers in-app purchases to remove ads and boost character progression. Coins are the in-game currency used to purchase power-ups and other upgrades, while gems are the premium currency that can be used to upgrade characters and unlock maps. Both currencies are earned through Daily Challenges and Treasure Chests, respectively.


Whether it’s the demon monkeys chasing you or your character running through a tunnel of fire, you must tilt and swipe to overcome obstacles. The game’s immersive nature demands sustained attention, which can be a useful skill in the classroom and the workplace.

Players collect coins and gems as they run, which can be used to unlock characters and purchase power-ups. Power-ups help players navigate through challenging scenarios. These include speed boosts and shields, which allow them to traverse difficult terrain and obstacles.

The game also features perks that enhance gameplay, such as phoenix wings that protect players from death and a mirage that creates a character clone. Perks can be earned free by watching a video or purchased for real money. They can also be obtained through Daily and Weekly Challenges. However, collecting enough resources can be a time-consuming process.

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