Royal Match Review

Royal Match offers addictive gameplay with beautiful graphics that bring the castle-building and puzzle elements to life. It also features a generous daily rewards system with free coins and lives that encourages players to play the game.

This new switcher star combines the speed and fluidity of Toon Blast with level diversity and power-ups from Homescapes. It also removes loading between retries of levels, which keeps the gameplay fresh.


Royal Match is a good example of how the right combination of accessible casual gameplay, user acquisition that focuses on the target audience, and an aggressive yet focused live ops strategy can make a mobile game successful. The game has a strong core gameplay that is easy for players to grasp, but it has multiple layers of base construction and decoration that add complexity without overwhelming the player.

The game also features a task system that encourages players to take careful steps towards the level objective and rewards them with stars for doing so. Finally, the game includes a variety of power-ups and boosters that give players more tools to overcome obstacles on the board.

These special elements help to create a sense of tension and urgency in the game, which helps drive long-term player engagement. Additionally, the game also offers monetization through the use of coins, which are used to purchase in-game items and boosts.

Power-ups and boosters

Royal Match’s gameplay is simple enough to appeal to casual players, but the game offers a variety of power-ups and events that keep players engaged. It also offers a collection system that lets players decorate different rooms in their palace. This adds a layer of progression that makes the game more interesting for long-term play.

Boosters are powerful items that can help you beat levels more easily. They include the Royal Hammer, which clears a single tile, the TNT barrel, which removes all tiles of the same color, and the Light Ball, which replaces all tiles with the same color.

The game also includes events and challenges that reward players with coins and other in-game items. These features are important for keeping the game fresh and engaging, as they reduce the risk of players getting bored or disengaged. They are especially important when the game introduces new areas and levels, which happen frequently – every two weeks to be exact.

Graphics and animations

Royal Match offers stunning graphics and detailed animations to create an immersive gaming experience. As players solve puzzles they earn coins to decorate parts of King Robert’s palace, and as they progress in the game they unlock new areas of his castle to continue this fun adventure.

The game also features a range of power-ups and boosters that can help players to break down walls, blast away obstacles and clear their path to victory. In this way, the game encourages players to try different strategies and experiment with gameplay, increasing the likelihood that they will buy more moves.

Another design trick that Royal Match uses to encourage players to spend more is animated state transitions within the task menu. This shows that the player has completed a task without having to open and close the screen. This helps to reduce the number of retries required and the time spent outside the level objective screen. This is an excellent example of how subtle, yet effective, UI design can be.

Challenge your friends

Royal Match is a fun, challenging puzzle game that will keep you coming back for more. With tons of levels and rewarding scenarios, it’s easy to see why this casual game is so popular.

While some players may look for hacks and cheats to speed up their progress in the game, doing so is against the terms of service and risks both your mobile device and your in-game account. In addition, using these types of tools takes away from the overall experience by diminishing the sense of achievement that comes with overcoming challenges legitimately.

Don’t let limited resources slow you down. Boost your score and unlock more premium items with the free Coins and Lives Cheats for Royal Match. With these secret tricks, you’ll be able to clear difficult levels and create huge combos without worrying about running out of coins. So what are you waiting for? Start playing Royal Match for free today!

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